Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday break!

A new year often brings new resolutions and change – and why not make improving the safety of your family among those resolutions?  Adding or enlarging a basement window to meet egress is a great way to ensure everyone can get out safely in case of an emergency.  Not only that – it will allow emergency personal additional points of entry in case someone is trapped.  Did you know that fire safety codes say a bedroom window has to be a minimum 3.8 square feet AND have no dimension less than 15″ to meet egress?  The new Alberta Building Code also requires an egress window well to have a 30″ pitch, which is the distance from the outside of your foundation wall to the inside of the window well.

Most basements are known to be dark and dingy places.  But a larger window can make a huge difference in improving the natural light!  Regular exposure to natural light can improve your mood, lessen the symptoms of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder and reduce fatigue.  UV rays act as a natural antiseptic and are an excellent natural source of Vitamin D.

Plus, the ability to open larger window can increase the flow of fresh air to the space.  It can help regulate temperatures and moisture levels and reduce impurities like mold spores and dust mites that are common in basements.  Opening a window for even 15 minutes a day will improve the air quality, get rid of that musty basement smell and create a healthier overall breathing environment in your home!

Egress basement windows don’t just have to be for bedrooms either.  A playroom for the kids, a place to work out, a multi-media room or even the ultimate man cave.  They can also greatly increase the property value of your home!