Is your home or office consuming too much energy?  Replacing your sealed units – or Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) is a great way to cut costs and consume less energy while being better for the environment.

A sealed unit is two (or sometimes three) panes of glass separated by a spacer.  The space between panes of glass is filled with air.  These are most often used in residential windows.

Sealed units are custom manufactured to fit into existing windows in your house.  They are less expensive than changing out the whole window frame while still increasing your energy savings.  You can also add on a low-e coating and argon gas as well to improve the efficiency of the windows.  A white, black or silver grill can be added between the panes as well.

Sealed units were originally intended to protect homes from extreme weather conditions, but other factors have increased need for them.  Dual pane windows keep the heat out during the hot months and cold out during the cold months – thus cutting down on energy use.

Additionally, sealed units help with noise reduction and can update the appearance of a house without breaking the bank.

Stop Mold in it’s Tracks

If spring allergies are a problem in your household, double pane sealed units are a great way to reduce allergen infiltration from outdoor triggers.

They can reduce mold and mildew growth and prevent condensation from forming by providing an insulating layer from outdoor temperatures, while the interior pane remains the same temperature as your rooms.

The Mayo Clinic also recommends double pane sealed units to help allergy-proof your home in colder climates like Calgary!

Free Consultation

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