New and Enlarged Basement Windows

VEL Windows and Glass is the leading specialist in egress basement windows.  Whether it be enlarging an existing window or creating a whole new one, we can do the digging, cut the concrete and supply and install the window on one convenient package!  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure the job is done right to pass all City of Calgary building and fire codes.

Our basement window package comes with the following:

Dirt excavation
We at VEL believe in hand digging all our holes to reduce the property damage that can be made by heavy machinery. Also by hand digging, we reduce the risk of damaging any underground wiring that may not be marked by Alberta One Call.

Concrete cutting, break-up and removal
We have the industry’s most advanced wall saw with a professional concrete cutter with more than a dozen years’ experience. Once the concrete is cut, we will break it up and remove it from your property.

Supply and window installation
VEL uses only a certified journeyman glazier to install the best quality egress windows. Our white vinyl, double pane, energy efficient, horizontal sliding window will pass all Calgary fire codes. Our standard basement window is a 44” by 33” sliding window that is installed into a pressure treated wood buck with full exterior finishing. Custom sizes are also available! We are often commended by city inspectors on our outstanding work on egress windows.

Window well and gravel 

Once the window is installed, VEL will install the window well with a minimum 30″ pitch to meet egress in the Alberta Building Code. We will double bolt the well directly into the foundation to prevent shifting and ensure it is level. Once the window well is installed, we will backfill around the well and add two 5 gallon pails of gravel to help with drainage.

We are also pleased to offer these optional services:

Interior finishing
Includes white ¾” cabinet grade melamine jamb and primed interior MDF casing (for finished basements only).

Support header
VEL believes headers should be installed if floor joists run perpendicular to the window to help support the weight carried by the joists, thus ensuring the excess weight does not transfer to the window.

Excess dirt removal
Once the window well is installed and backfilling is done, typically is there is about 5 wheelbarrows of dirt left over. Due to city service fees, VEL charges to remove and dispose of dirt in the city landfill. Otherwise, we can leave the dirt on the homeowner’s property for re-use elsewhwere.

Drain packages
VEL will dig down to the existing weeping tile/weeping system and install a new vertical pipe to ensure proper water mitigation from newly installed window well.

Application for city permits – Includes drawings, filing of application, application fee, etc.

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